Heat damage is absolutely no joke! If you’re looking for ways to repair heat damage or keep your hair from getting fried next time you decide to incorporate heat check out the video below.

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Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor

CB Damage Control Moisture Masque

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

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Hey ladies! This is Cass from cassandrebeccai.com where I teach you how to manage your Afro-textured hair.

Today, I have a subscriber question from Akila. She says this,

My hair is very heat damaged. I was wondering if I should just chop off all of my hair to start over. It seems that everything that I do to stop flat ironing my hair just isn’t working for me. My hair looks like a hot mess and doesn’t want to grow.

Can you please help me?


Akila, great question. Great question however, I hear it sounds like you’re asking me two things because you haven’t yet figured out what exactly you want to do with your hair .

The first question I’m hearing is what can I do to nurse my hair back to health from heat damage. The second thing I’m hearing in your question is what can I do to help my hair not to get so damaged when I flat iron it.

I’m going to answer the first question today and the second question I’ll answer it in another video.

What to do:

There are three things you can do. First, you want to stop using heat. It’s going to be hard because I’m sure you’ve developed a routine and use it all the time. Not only that, but your ends have probably straightened out so, it looks really bad if you just leave it that way and it doesn’t curl up the way it used to.

Well girl, listen. We all have to start somewhere. The first place to start is don’t put heat on your hair anymore. There are several hairstyles that you can do to mimic a uniformed curl pattern like Bantu knotting your hair or braid outs or twist outs. Those kind of hairstyles will definitely help your hair not to look so not cute with the two different textures. So, stop using heat totally for a while.

The second thing I want to recommend is to use a protein and a moisturizing treatment.

One of my favorite protein treatments is Aphogee 2-Minute Reconstructor. I love that thing. It works really well. I haven’t ever used the two-step reconstructor but, I’ve had this really for a situation where your hair is like falling out at the ends. If that’s your situation, definitely use it to step one but, I find that the Two-Minute Reconstructor is exactly what my hair has needed in the past when I have had heat damage.

After you do protein treatment, you definitely want to follow up with moisture because once the protein is back in your hair, because remember when you use heat, you damage the protein in your hair which causes your hair not to even be able to hold moisture anymore.

So, once you put that protein back in, do moisture treatment. You can buy cheap conditioner like Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, one that I like too sometimes and mix it with coconut oil and there goes your moisture treatment.

Or, if you want something a little bit more special, a higher quality, something that’s really going to give you a lot of bang in your hair, really lots of good stuff, you want to try the Damage Control by Eden’s Heart. I think that’s a great product for someone who is looking for a lot of moisture.

The third thing that you can do which I would say is the last result especially for someone like you who might be interested in length more than anything but, it really is something that you should think about doing is cutting the dead ends or the heat damaged hair off.

It might seem extreme because maybe all of your hair is heat damaged to the root. Maybe you don’t want to do all that but, really and truly when your hair is heat damaged, it’s a real big process to get it back to health and it never really goes back 100% to what it was.

But, I do recommend these three things. I specially recommend that you shouldn’t use heat anymore and that protein and moisture balance is going to help you to get back on track with your hair.

Akila, thank you so much for your question. Ladies, if you have a question, if there’s something on your mind definitely send me a note on cassandrebeccai.com.

Thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. I will talk to you soon. Bye!