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Dr. Kari Williams started a frenzy when she debuted her latest creation on actress, Megan Good.

I instantly fell in love as the pics made rounds all over the internet. I decided to go in search of how to achieve the style and the hair needed for the style.

Dr. Kari has a tutorial (which was originally $40- I should’ve bought it then!) and she also sells the hair for the style too.

I watched various videos about this style and tried to recreate it accordingly, but in the end I relied on the technique I’ve used before and my own ingenuity. Below I share the hair I used, where to get it, my review of them and how you can get them done by me.

Materials Needed:

CB Nourishing Hair Pomade (uhhmazing! + on sale this week!)

Jane Carter Solution Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner

1 pack Wet n’ wavy New Star Human Hair Blend hair  sold by Cowgirl Hair.

4 packs Nafy Collection Bomb Twist Hair sold by Hattache and LHboutique.

*Synthetic hair tends to be a little darker than it’s human hair counterpart color, that’s why I used a #2 for the Nafy hair.

Please note that because my hair is waist length and because of my technique, I did not need to use more than 1 pack of the wet n’ wavy hair and I needed to use 4 packs of the Nafy bomb twist hair for wrapping.

Before Installing:

1. Wash the bulk hair: Before installing I place the hair in a bucket with cold water and some Johnson & Johnson’s All Over Baby Wash since I have so much of that + no need to used fancy shampoo since all I need is the chemicals washed off.

To dry the hair quickly, I placed one bundle at a time in a pillow case, tied it up real good and ran it through my dryer on a low setting. While it worked well for me, do this at your own risk!

2. Treat your own hair: For 2 weeks, twice a week, I did a moisturizing henna treatment. I also prepped my hair by using the Jane Carter Leave-n followed by the CB Nourishing Butter.

My Review of Nafy Collection Bomb Twist Hair and Star Brand Hair

I wanted to use human hair, but the costs were a prohibitive for me. Instead, I did my best to find alternatives that would be gentle on my hair and would look almost identical to the hair used Dr. Kari’s kit. See what she uses in pic below.

human kinky curly human wavy hair






During my research I found some good alternatives. The hair I chose looks like this below:

naffy bomb twist hair for goddess faux locs

new star wet n' wavy hair for goddess faux locs









The wet n’ wavy hair is not 100% human, however it feels fabulous and I was able to use my hot rollers several times on them to create curls.

The Nafy Collection Bomb twist hair is really nice and soft and really long (like 48). It is not as kinky as marley hair, and not as bulky, but the look of Dr. Kari’s locs lend to a silky type, and less bulky kind of hair like this one.

Alternative Hair For This Style

For on an all in one kit that includes a bunch of hair bundles (perfect for hair that is shorter than mine), hair holders and other things to complete the style try CurlRefinary.com’s gold goddess locs kit here. Because let’s be honest, buying form a bunch of vendors and waiting for everything to come in can be annoying.

Other human hair blend, wavy type hair check this , this and this.

For other twist hair for wrapping try this and this (3 packs for $26!)

For a human hair blend for wrapping try this and this.

TIP: You can always by human hair on wefts and simply cut them off.

Next time I share about my Goddess Faux Locs, I’ll show you how I clean them and how I maintain them- from the wavy ends, to the grown out roots.

Need someone to do this style for you? I can hook you up!Let me know you’re interested here. Just a heads up- contact me only if you’re serious about getting this look!



Transcript of This Video 

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