I created this hair serum at a time when I wanted a true sealant. I included castor oil, jojoba oil and mineral oil the least favorite ingredient of naturalistas.

Mineral oil is not cool by many people, but cosmetic grade mineral oil, specifically baby oil- is not an issue for me. I did my own research and for now it’s all good!

Mineral oil makes for a really good sealant because it is nearly impenetrable and won’t break down like plant based oils do. It is great for styles where you want the moisture you have to be kept in, but you really want to keep any extra moisture out.

Some people are concerned with the removal process of mineral oil. I am not concerned with the oil not being able to be removed from my strands because I used shampoo with anionic surfectants (aka detergents) when I wash my hair. Try this shampoo, this shampoo or this shampoo for cleansing.  These shampoos are all sulfate-free, but they do an great job cleansing.

If you really don’t care for mineral oil, use soybean oil. It may not seal as long, but boy it gives a shine and it’s a great oil to have on hand!

For this oil you’ll need:

2tbs Johnson’s baby oil

2tbs Now Brand Jojoba Oil

2 tbs Now Brand Castor Oil

2 tbs Trader Joe’s Olive Oil (or any olive oil of your choice)

1 container for the oil (you can buy one of those containers in the travel sized items section of Walgreens, Duane Reade, Safeway and many other grocery and drug stores)

1 measuring cup or spoon


Put all ingredients in bottle. Whirl around to get it to mix well. Voila!

How To Use:

I use this serum as a sealant after I spritz my hair with water. I also use it to do an oil rinse, where I cover my wet strands with it just after I’ve washed my hair. I also use it to nourish my hair when I heat style.

Hope you enjoy this recipe!


Transcript of This Video

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Hey ladies, this is Cass from cassandrebeccai.com I’ll show you how to manage your after textured hair. Today I’m coming at you with a tutorial on what I call the “Moisture Plus Hair Serum” using one of my new favorite ingredients; baby oil. Stay tuned to learn how I made this super moisturizing hair serum.


For this recipe you’re going to need 2 tbs of Johnson’s Baby Oil, 2 tbs of now brand jojoba oil and castor oil and 2 tbs of the extra virgin olive oil of your choice. You definitely want mix these oils in a cup with a spout so that when it is time to pour it into the bottle it’s really easy and it doesn’t get messy once you pour it all into the bottle, you want to make sure you cap the bottle and then you want to shake it up real nice so that all the contents get mixed up and you’re ready to use it.


So this “Moisture+ Hair Serum” that I created is excellent, ladies. I use it on myself, on my baby girl and I find that it does an excellent job sealing in moisture and also keeping my hair continually moisturized.


One of the questions I’m probably going to get is; why I use baby oil, why I use mineral oil.


Mineral oil is one of the best, probably better than most natural oils at sealing in moisture because it goes nowhere. It does not become one with your hair strands so it just sits right on top of your hair which is exactly what

I want and considering that if I want to make sure that moisture I put on my hair is going to stay there then I need something to really just act like a shield and barrier. So that’s why I’ve used mineral oil in this particular recipe.


I used jojoba oil because it’s like a waxy kind of oil that does a very good job of sealing in moisture because it’s very similar with the oil that our scalp produces. It’s excellent with kind of really blending in with our hair and I find it does an excellent job for me.


And I’ve also used castor and olive oil in this mix because I found that they’re excellent in drawing moisture from the air to my hair which is something that I want because my hair gets dry quickly. So I like the fact that castor and olive oil really are good at that.


And when you combine these oils together, it just makes for an excellent mix.

There are three things I want you to know about the “moisture plus hair serum”.

The first thing is that it’s a thick oil. This is great for most people but if you have fine hair or there’s a style that you want where you don’t want your hair to be weigh down then this might not be the oil mix that you want to use. It’s nice and thick and I love that about it. It’s especially great if you really want to use something heavy to keep that moisture in your hair.


The second thing I want you to know is that you have to shake this product, the hair serum, before you use it. What you’ll find – you can’t really see it right now because I’ve shaken it quite a bit – but the castor oil tends to kind of sit at the bottom because it’s heavy and you’ll see it is like clear at the bottom so what you want to do is mix up real nicely before you use it because when you squeeze it out you don’t want the castor oil to all be at the bottom.


The third thing I want to know is that this product may increase frizziness, if the weather’s humid or if it’s raining outside. What I found is that if I use this product on my damp hair. It’s such an excellent job of keeping in the moisture, in grapping moisture from the environment that:

  1. My hair takes a little bit longer to dry.
  2. The next day if I want to do a twist, I’ll.

If it’s humid outside, my hair just doesn’t last, I’m a little bit of a shrunken afro which is a cute look; but if that’s not what you want then you have to know that this just does a really good job in grabbing that moisture and you know kinda causing that frizz. Otherwise I would say you definitely want to experiment with this because even though that it does that to my hair in may not do that to yours, especially if your hair is low porosity.


So ladies, I hope you enjoy this recipe. I use it all the time. It is one of my secret weapons to keeping the moisture in my hair. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions about the recipe then please write them below and I will talk to you soon. Bye.