Hey ladies, this is Cass from Cassandrebeccai.com I’ll show you how to manage your after textured hair. Today I’m coming up with a question I’ve been getting quite a lot lately and I really thought that it would make sense if I just do a video about it.

The question is why is my hair thinning and what can I do about it? Well there are several reasons why your hair can be thinning. The questions I’ve been getting come from women at a particular stage in their life childbearing stage.


So the first reason why I suspect your hair could be thinning is from hormonal changes either from having given birth or basically the changes that happened around childbearing years. So it could be from giving birth, maybe your birth control pills are causing imbalance in your hormones or you could be in a place in your life where you reaching menopause.


For hormonal issues, I would recommend going to see a doctor to find out if you can switch your birth control pills or asking a doctor especially if you’re around the menopause stage or even if they diagnose it, it’s something that can be fixed. They might be able to give you a prescription drug like an anti-androgen medication that will kind of help to keep your hair on your head.


The next reason why I would suspect that your hair could be thinning is from low iron or vitamin D deficiencies. That’s really a pretty easy thing to fix, you just want to get supplements in your diet but you might consider talking to a doctor who would be able to let you know exactly what deficiencies you do have. So they can let you know how you can tailor a regimen to meet those deficiencies, maybe it’s iron and zinc, maybe just a little bit of vitamin D you need. Whatever the case, they will know exactly how many you should be taking, how often and all that good stuff.


The other reason why our hair could be thinning is just because it is genetic. A lot of men and women suffer from what they call male pattern baldness and with something like that there is over the counter Rogaine which comprises of the key ingredient minoxidil and basically you can just go to the CVS Walgreens or wherever and pick up women’s Rogaine there. I think back in the day that you still only have the two percent, now they have five percent minoxidil formulas of Rogaine which should be able to help your hair. There are also treatments you can go to your doctor and ask him about treatments that increase the hair on your head and the diameter, the thickness of each particular hair as called red light laser treatment. Now that’s something that your dermatologist will you be able to tell you about and if you’re desperate or you’re able to spend that kind of money that sounds like something worthwhile to look into.


The other reason why you may be experiencing hair loss or thinning is because of your meds. You might want to consider talking to your doctor about what you can switch one medication for in order to mitigate the hair loss. Lots medications can interfere with our natural body processes even while they’re helping us. So you want to consider talking to your doctor about switching them up and seeing what happens then.


There are also products out there that are created to make your individual hair shafts thicker not to make more hair follicles but the hair shaft themselves, the hair themselves thicker. It’s really amazing to me what science has made. There are literally products out there that can just do a whole host of different things. One you might be interested in checking out is Redken Cerafill. Pantene also has a thickening treatment which is about a third of the cost of Redken Cerafill. I think Redken Cerafill advertises that the thickness you experience over time is equal to getting about 6500 extra hair on your head!


So if your hair is thinning and you’re looking for quick results and you really want to see a change quickly I’d say a combination going to a doctor finding out what you can do about maybe switching your hormones or whatever and adding a topical solution like Redken Cerafill can help to give your hair a look that it’s like it’s thicker and isn’t thinning.


Ladies thank you so much for tuning in. With a subject like this, I totally recommend going to see a doctor. Dermatologists have much more information. This is just simple. Look I did a little researching and that’s what I found out but, go to doctor they’ll be able to let you know the most up-to-date treatments about hair loss and thinning and what you should do about it.


Thank you so much. If you have any questions, leave them in the comment box below.

And I hope to talk to you soon, bye.