A few days ago, my husband came home with my favorite cookies- Trader Joe’s Vegan Chocolate Chip. If anyone of you have tried it out there then you know they’re pretty awesome. Without even trying I can eat this whole bag of 12 cookies in 36 hours or less.

TJ Vegan Cookies

I’m a little bit of a health nut so you know I had to tell myself some lie to make downing 12 chocolate cookies in a matter of hours okay.

Why Lie?

It’s easy for us to buy into the myths we tell ourselves especially when it does at least one of these three things

a. Minimizes our feeling of inadequacy or helplessness

b. Puts the blame on anything/anyone but ourselves

c. Makes us look more amazing than we really are

Myths are our way of making sense of stuff that we either don’t want to know the truth about or are ignorant to the truth of. So what’s that got to do with long hair?

black hair myths email

The Long Hair Gene

I was sent an email in December 2014 that totally changed the way I approach talking about long hair and black women.

This email along with some other conversations with black women later that month who had similar questions uncovered one of the biggest myths about black hair:

Mixed Blood = Long Hair

We easily accept this myth as truth because:

  • We don’t know any better.
  • We need an explanation for why it never just happened for us.
  • We’ve tried all we could and never attained length.
  • All our sisters and aunties never had long hair.
The Bottom Line
This myth is in my opinion, a huge obstruction to any longer hair goal because it simply isn’t true. Having European ancestry doesn’t guarantee a certain hair type or long hair.
People in the same family, like siblings with the same mom and dad can and do have different hair to each other. Even if we all shared the same genetic make-up we can still have differences in the way our hair is (in terms of it’s thickness, porosity and other factors) which also means that what works for one person may not work for another.
While afro-textured hair has a lower tensile strength , with right practices and techniques it can grow to amazing lengths. I know because I’ve done it myself and so have many others.
So What’s Next?
I’ve created a 5 minute workshop that’ll help you banish your black hair myths, the lies and negative thing you’ve been telling yourself that has directly effected your results.
The best thing to do is take the time out to really learn your own hair and put into practice what it needs so that you can better care for it and retain the length. Don’t worry- I’ll guide you every step of the way!