Sarah asks-

So I decided I needed a trim on my natural hair and thought it would be an opportunity to get my hair straightened. I went to a salon.

The stylist used a pressing comb and a curling iron and got my hair straight, but now I wash my hair and in some areas it will not revert to its kink.

It is bone straight in some places and it’s evident that I have heat damage. I’m so upset. The first time I get my hair straightened since being natural and now my hair is damaged.

Is there anything I can do to revitalize the curl? Anything? Or am I gonna have to cut my hair again? –

My Answer

Hey hon,

I hear the frustration in your email and I feel your pain- I really do. I’m really sorry that this happened to you.

As you probably already know- the damage is done and the only way to remedy damaged hair back to 100% no heat damage is by cutting off the damaged ends BUT you can do some damage control and maybe get some of your curls back.

I would say if your intention is to retain length (regardless of the fact that the hair may remain permanently straight) then don’t cut your hair and just do some serious damage control.

The bonds in your hair have broken down and so your hair is now extra fragile. I’d suggest a simple protein/reconstructor treatment (protein will coat outer layer of hair while reconstructor treatment will penetrate to cortex of hair. In this case you need a two in one)- Aphogee’s 2 Minute Reconstructor followed by a deep moisturizing conditioner (any conditioner you like mixed with an oil will help to restore heat damaged hair).

Your hair may not revert to its kink but the protein treatment followed by a deep moisturizing conditioner will be super helpful.

Do this consistently every week.

As your hair grows out and after you do some damage control you’ll have a better idea of what you want to do with the straight parts. You may also find that your curls start to come back.

Try to work the straight ends into your hairstyles. If after you do the damaged hair treatment and you find that you can’t deal with it then by all means- cut it off.

How have you dealt with your heat damaged strands??

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