It’s a bummer when you’re down to the very last drop of your favorite leave-in and you know your order won’t come in for at least another week and it’s definitely not cool when you’re traveling  far from home only to realize you’ve forgotten your favorite pomade and moisturizer.

True story.

On my 39 hour drive to Washington  I realized that in all my moving I packed up every last one of my hair products (why? you ask. I have no idea!)

My hair was flat ironed a few days prior to the move and I knew it would definitely need moisture.

I didn’t have any of my products in reach and I had to come up with something quick, or else months of progress would be lost.

Here’s what I did (and what you can do) in my hair emergency:

1.  Find cheap motel conditioner or use lotion on your hair . Whatever you do, you need to find something that will feed your hair with the  moisture that it so desperately needs. Most hotel conditioners are thin enough to use as leave-in conditioners for afro-texture hair types.

Using lotion on hair is another option.  Lotion can be a little tricky since they’re are not made specifically for hair but if the first few ingredients include water, glycerin and cetearyl or cetyl alcohol they’ll def provide the moisture your hair needs in this emergency.

Truthfully, conditioners and lotions have a lot in common and using conditioner and hand lotion on your hair maybe the difference of having a few more cationic agents and hair loving ingredients rather than a seriously bad ingredient for your hair.

Just watch out for any lotion that has denatured alcohol in it. It’ll probably dry out your hair (and skin for that matter!)

2.  Reach for the Vaseline (or palmer’s cocoa butter or baby oil). Ok. so we’ve heard the good, bad and the ugly of using Vaseline on our hair, but using it once or twice in situations where you don’t have your products with you can (in my opinion) help more than harm.

Vaseline makes for an excellent sealant that locks in moisture though it  maybe a little too excellent as it washes away from hair better when the shampoo contains harsher detergents.

My hair didn’t do too bad after the week of using these makeshift slash random stuff on my hair but God knows- I am so grateful to have my Oatmilk n’ Honey back!!!!

Sharing your experiences can help the next girl figure out what she can do n her next hair emergency  so in the comments below, tell me:

1. When have you ever used a non conventional hair product on your hair?

2. What were your results?