me with the love of my life

I have some BIG news to share!!!!

My hubby and I just graduated and moved to the west coast!!

We drove for four days to get to Washington. In all it was about 39 hours not including our breaks and stops.

Did I tell you we graduated and moved all in one week?

Did I also tell you that the adventure (read: the crazy long drive) began on our one year anniversary?

It’s literally been the busiest time of my life and I have to tell you about how it effected my hair.

hair is straight- so why not length check? 🙂

For graduation I decided to straighten my hair, but my hair didn’t stay straight for long.

After three hours of hugs, kisses and lots of pictures it looked like a simple blowout (not like I took a 375 degree flat iron to my hair just the night before).

In the midst of the move I forgot to pack my hair products in our hand luggage. I felt so lost at first because my hair loves these hair products and I didn’t know how I was going to keep up with my hair care routine without the drama of having to  go back into our carefully packed uhaul trailer or stopping at some store to buy products that I’m not sure will work or want to have after my one time use.

Things were looking very grim and I knew I was having a hair emergency.  One wrong move could kill months and months of hard work and growth!

hair is way less straight…so much for the three and half hours of work…

The helplessness I felt didn’t last too long. After two days of nothing on my hair our next stop was going to be my place of hair refuge. There in that traveler’s inn,  I mindfully tapped into my “resourceful” genes and made do with what I had: cheap motel conditioner (courtesy of and a half used jar of my husband’s cocoa butter.

Granted: neither of these items are ideal but they def saved me from the awful effects of super duper dried, fried hair.

Here are two helpful hints and resourceful ideas for the next time you’re in a hair emergency.