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In this video I give you tips for keeping your bantu-knot out fresh and vibrant. Getting the perfect bantu-knot out every time can be easy with a few simple changes. Got a problem with keeping your look up? Check this video out!

Transcript of This Video

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Hey ladies! My name is Cassandre from, and I’m just going to show to you a little bit about how my Bantu knot out grows over time. It’s a really hot day, so the humidity is beginning to pick up.

Your Options

If you watched my Bantu Knot Out video, you saw that I love to have a very voluminous style when I do my Bantu knots, and I like to separate them into two. And, that’s really great if you’re someone like me who doesn’t mind your hair growing.

Now, it’s been a couple of hours, and it’s really hot, and my hair has grown quite a bit as you can see. It’s not as defined. It’s still really bouncy, and it’s fun. But, if you don’t like this kind of growing outward Afro thing, I would suggest not separating your Bantu knots because as the day goes on, it will naturally separate itself and grow.

That’s another option for you ladies who don’t like really, really big ‘Fro’s, and you can do the Bantu knot out on a hot humid day, but not separate it like I did, like I usually like to do when I have my Bantu knot outs.

To keep this style looking really good, I like to go to bed and redo my Bantu knots. I’ll redo the style, I’ll twist it up. And ,if you haven’t seen that, you can check out my Bantu Knot Out video where I show you how to do the Bantu knot out, and you can do that again the next day.

When  You’re Feeling Lazy

But, I can be a little lazy with it, and sometimes, I don’t mind just having the curls look a little different the next day. So, what I usually do is spritz my hair just a little bit with water, and/or I’ll use my moisturizer just to kind of get it through my hair, and put a bonnet on like this one and cover my hair.

What happens is when I get up, the curls are flattened out, but you can do other hairstyles with it, and one of those hairstyles is up-do, or whatever you’re interested in doing, you can do. I’m just providing you with some information, letting you know what the hair looks like after my Bantu knot, after I take them out after a couple of hours.

If you have any questions about it, please leave it in the comments below, and I will be sure to get back to you, and answer those questions.

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