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Check out this Subscriber Q&A for 5 tips on preventing chlorine and sun damage on your hair.

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Hey ladies! This is Cass from where I teach you how to manage Afro-textured hair.

Today, I’m coming at you with a subscriber Q & A and it’s a really good one from Billy Jane. She says this,

“I have to say I absolutely love you. You’re so cute, quirky and real.”

Thank you so much Billy Jane.

“… And, of course, your hair is an inspiration to me. With a blessing of all you YouTubers and bloggers, I’ve come to a newfound knowledge that I am implementing in both mine and in my daughter’s hair routine.

I want to her to protect and love her hair. To help and love her hair, she must not perceive it as an impediment to any life style choices such as swimming. But, the challenge is combating chlorine and combined sun damage when swimming outdoors.

What tweaks to her hair regimen would you recommend during this season of heavy swimming which often coincide with more sun exposure?

Looking forward to your thoughts.”

Billy Jane, what an excellent question. It’s the perfect timing, too.

I love to be in the water. I really enjoy just being outdoors in the sun, too and it’s really important to protect our hair during this season because it can really dry our hair out and cause breakage that we do not want.

So, I have five tips for you. Five tips.

Tip#1: Wear a swimming cap.

The first one is to get a swimming cap. Swimming caps, they don’t necessarily prevent water from getting in your hair but, definitely you have the chance of not having a lot of water in your hair.

Yes, wear the swimming cap. It will protect your hair from the sun and from soaking up a whole bunch of chlorinated water.

You may find that it doesn’t exactly do the job with holding out all of the water but, trust me, it’s very helpful.

Tip#2: De-tangle and plait your hair.

Number two, you want to de-tangle and plait your hair before putting on that swimming cap. You want to de-tangle and plait your hair because once it gets wet, it’s going to be drama to try and de-tangle what was not de-tangled and what was not plaited.

Tip#3: Keep your hair moisturized.

Number three, you want to make sure the hair underneath the swimming cap has a conditioner in it or is not dry. I would even say to wet your hair. You want to wet your hair with fresh water water because just like a dry sponge when you put it in water, it’s going to soak up all of the water.

Your hair, if it’s dry, going to chlorinated water, it’s just going to be trouble because you’re going to soak up all that chlorinated water but, if your hair is already wet and it has the conditioner in there, the hair moisturized already so, it won’t have that need to soak up all that chlorinated water.

Tip#4: Rinse hair after swimming.

Number four, you definitely want to rinse your hair after you’ve come out of the swimming pool. You want to rinse your hair and even do a conditioner. You want to use a conditioner at that point, too. Make sure you go through every plait. Rinse all the water, de-chlorinate the water out and put in some more conditioner.

Tip#5: Use a chelating shampoo.

Number five, you want to use a chelating shampoo. The thing about a chelating shampoo is that it’s going to strip your hair to the bone. That’s a good thing because chlorinated water and sun, it just lodges in our hair, messes with the hairs’ proteins. It’s just not good.

You need something strong that will remove any chemical residue of the chlorine. But, at the same time, the chelating shampoo will also remove all of the good stuff that conditioners have put in your hair. So, you don’t want to be doing this like everyday.

It’s something that you would do once you realize that your hair is getting rough, or after a month of swimming, even though you have been covering your hair, you want to strip it and put back all the good stuff in there.

You’ll use a chelating shampoo at that point but, you also want to follow up with a reconstructing conditioner, something with some protein in it and then, with a deep conditioner in it because you want to put back all the good stuff in your hair.

Those are my five tips to preventing chlorine damage and sun damage in the summer while you swim.

Thank you so much for that question, Billy Jane. I think it was excellent.

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