Watch Dinosaur Braid on Loc Extensions Tutorial

Whether you have real or faux locs, I think you’re gonna appreciate this one. Enjoy!

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Hey ladies! This is Cass from Today, I’m going to show you a hairstyle I have been doing on my loc extensions. I don’t know what to call it but, it’s really cute and it’s really chic. I hope you like it.

The first thing you want to do is get a few of your locs from the front and twist it like so. It kind of has this bump on there. Then, you want to use a baby claw, like one of those, like that I’m holding right now. Oops! Hold on.

Okay, I’m back. So, you want to use a clip to secure the loc and once you have that secured and it looks the way you want, by the way, I think this is a really cute hairstyle but, that’s not the hairstyle that I’m trying to show you right now.

Anyway, once it looks the way you want, you want to grab a few locs from the corner of your hair and you want to bring them to the top of your head and tie them in a knot just like I’m showing you right now.

Once you’re done with that, you want to take another two of your locs from the corner of your head like from behind your ear and down and do the same thing. You want to keep doing these knots.

Make sure they’re tight because you don’t want them to loosen up on you. You can see it’s starting to look the way I want it to look so, when you get to that last one and it looks the way you want it to look, you want to use a clip to hold it all together and there you go.

So, ladies, this is how I do this really cute, quick and easy chic hairstyle.

Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions about this hairstyle then, definitely leave them in the comment box below and I will check them out and answer you as soon as I can.

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