Watch How To Do A Bantu Knot Out On Natural Hair On Youtube

The bantu knot out is one my FAVORITE hairstyles!

Taking bantu knots out can be a little tricky so I spend a bulk of this video showing you my technique for taking out your bantu knots for a gorgeous voluminous look without messing up your curls.

If you master taking out the bantu-knot outs, you’ll almost always get a really beautiful style!

*NOTE: For those not at all familiar with the twisting method of creating the bantu knots, I share it in greater detail after the credits.

I wanted the focus of this video to be on taking bantu knots out so I originally  cut this latter part out of the video for the sake of brevity but then later felt that part could benefit others so there it is (attached after the credits)!


Transcript of This Video

Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below. This transcript follows the uncut version of the video.



Hey ladies! My name is Cassandre from, and I’m so excited. I’m going to show you one of my favorite hairstyles. It’s my bantu-knot out. I love it because I get these beautiful bouncy, luscious curls, and it’s so easy. All you need is your favorite moisturizer and a few bobby pins.

So, if you’re interested just stay tuned, and I’ll show you how to do that.

How It Will Look Like

The first thing I’m going to do is take off my bonnet because you need to see my hair… I already did my bantu knots last night, but just to show you how exactly I get it to look like this, I’m going to take one out… and let you see. It’s all pretty right now, but last night it wasn’t so pretty. It was a big Afro.

How I Did It

What I did is kind of part my hair, not with any kind of comb. I just finger-parted it and twisted my hair like this… I usually do it like this, actually, no I don’t usually start doing it like this. I only start doing it like this as soon as probably like last week. Because what I learned is that when I did it the other way, I get it so tight that my scalp starts to raise up. I realize that probably the better way to do is twist it first, and then, wind it around. This is how I get it to just wind around and look all pretty when it’s pulled out.

This is what my bantu-knot looks like. You see, there’s no particular parting. I just make sure that I’m not grabbing hairs from other pats and whatnot just to make sure that when I take it out, I have a really nice bantu-knot out.

How I take them out is what you saw a little bit earlier. I twist the hair around like this almost like I’m turning a door knob, and loosen it up really nice and easy. It’s a really good way to make sure that the curls come out really pretty with no frills.

I’m just going to do that all around my head right now…

A Dab of Moisturizer Helps

What I did last night with every single bantu-knot that I was doing was take my favorite moisturizer, and dab just a little bit on each one. You can also use any kind of butter or oil that you like just to get it shiny and moisturized…

Don’t forget to take out every single bantu-knot. I love my husband, but sometimes, he doesn’t realize that there is one still in there, so I walk out the house with one bantu-knot in the back. It’s really not cute. I encourage you to feel them before you leave the house, but as you can see (I’m just looking at my mirror here), as you can see it’s looking really pretty…

Okay, I think I took them all out.

Making it Look Voluptuous

Now, I think this is really pretty, but I like to get a really fully look. This is really good if say, you know your hair is probably going to freeze out throughout the day so you want as much as possible less frizz. So, you’d probably go out and put a bobby pin here and call it a day. But, I like my bantu-knot out to look really voluptuous and voluminous.

I like to take my time to twist them out a little bit, and how I do that is I’ll grab this one here, and feel it out and separate it into two. You have to take your time because even though you want it to be voluminous, you definitely don’t want it to be really frizzy.

As you can see, I’m just taking my time in separating them… Taking my time and separating them. If your hair feels dry, by all means, definitely use your moisturizer. But, right now, my hair feels really good, really well-moisturized so, I’m not going to bother really putting anything extra on there…

I’m going to get this one… This one’s a little frizzy already, so I’m going to leave it alone.

Well, you can see what I’m doing. I’m just grabbing them, and gently pulling apart, gently pulling apart. If they don’t want to be pulled apart because they’ll be all frizzy. I just leave them there. It’s okay. It doesn’t mess up the style.

I go though every single bantu-knot out just to get that voluminous style that I like. I see a knot here, so let me just work that out… Be really gentle as you’re taking them out… It definitely pays…

The ones at the front I don’t like to touch too much because I want it to frame my face, and I don’t want it to be really, really frizzy. I don’t mind if my back gets frizzy, but the front, you want it to lay nice and look all pretty.

If it’s the way you want it to be, I would encourage you now to make sure you either pin it by fixing it to the way you want it to. I’m using just a medium-sized bobby pin  here, and just make sure it’s how I like. I want this to go back here so, I’m pinning it in.

The way I like to pin it is in such a way that it doesn’t look like it’s pinned but it stays there. I like to, okay I want to keep the hair right here. I just take the bobby pin, push it through the hair like so, and there you go.

Make Sure People See Just the Curls

I think it’s really pretty as you can see. Sometimes, it’s hard to get all the spaces out, but you want to go through the scalp part, and make sure people can’t see your scalp and all they see are these bouncy Afro-textured curls.

I’m done with the tutorial now. I hope you like it. It’s really, really simple. Like I said, what I did was I took my hair, I parted it with my fingers, and I used a little bit of moisturizer, I went through each one, and I twisted my hair like so.

After I’m done twisting the hair, I wind it around like this… And, I tuck the hair under. Some of you might find it easier to use a bobby pin to secure the hair, and you can do that. In fact I’m going to put that in there right now just to show you that you can definitely do that. You pin it in. I sleep on this. It doesn’t bother me too much. It’s not a problem.

In the morning, when I want to style my hair, I unwind it, you can say, counterclockwise, and pull it gently. To achieve a more voluminous style, I like to take the hair and part it in two. This takes a little time. I think you get better as you do it. The more often you do it, the better you get at it. Pull it apart, and there you go. There’s my bantu-knot out.

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