My world is chaotic right now. My baby girl (who’s almost 2) has an uncanny knack for creating beautiful messes. Just the other day she happened to find a pen and she created this….

stained couch

…on my cream colored chaise. Yep. I wasn’t happy about this at all.

When it comes to controlling my daughter, the best thing is to concentrate on what’s most important (is he fed, clothed and happy) and let the sticks fall where they may even if that means landing on the couch and all over the floor :-/ So what’s this got to do with hair regimens? Keep reading!

Regimented Chaos

I believe in regimens. They’re like the schedule you set for a toddler; sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn’t, but just like in taking care of a kid, you always have to make sure the most important things are being done, that’s why when it comes to regimens I don’t set up a strict schedule, I only ask strict questions.

How many of you have experienced this when it comes to your regimen:

  • Scheduling a weekly wash, only to find you have no time to do it on the day you plan to every week?
  • Noticing your hair feels terrible, even though you follow a consistent regimen.
  • Experiencing breakage and just not being sure how to address it.
The best regimens begin with the best questions.Because I know how it feels to lack a regimen because you just have no time to follow it or just having a regimen that doesn’t seem to cater to your hair’s real needs I’ve managed to share 2 questions I ask myself when it comes time to build or reevaluate my regimen.
Download and print this Regimen Building Guide by clicking the pic below and fill it out as you watch the video.

Transcript of This Video

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Hey ladies! This is Cass from where  I show you how to manage your Afro-textured hair.

Today, I have a question from Shantal. She says this:

“Hey Cass! How are you? How do I start a hair regimen? Where do I start? — Shantal

Well, this is an excellent question. I think a good regimen begins with the answers to two questions.

Question #1: What is the condition of your hair?

The first one is what is the condition of your hair? Most of us just walk around with our hair, we just sense there’s something wrong but, we never look at our hair to really figure out what is its condition.

Is it damaged? Is it dry? Is it weak? And, some clues to dry, damaged or weak hair might be found in what you do to your hair. Are you blow drying it every single day or using heat every week? Are you going to bed without a satin scarf and leaving your hair to get dried out? Is it cold outside? If you’re relaxed, you might ask the question, does it feel really incredibly just too soft when it’s wet?

These are the kinds of questions you want to be asking because the condition of your hair will dictate what kind of products you buy for. Products geared towards dry hair will help it get not to be dry anymore. Products geared towards weak hair or protein-deficient hair will help it not to be so protein deficient anymore.

Question #2: How much breakage do you have?

The second question, I think that’s important to ask when you’re trying to build a regimen is how much breakage are you seeing?

A lot of us go through the motions of doing our Afro-textured hair but, we don’t really notice of the breakage until it gets to a point where it’s out of control. How much breakage are you seeing in your hair? When I say, “breakage,” I’m not talking much about shed hair just as all your hair and has a bald at the end. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about small pieces of hair that looks like ripped out or whatever.

The more ends that you see that are falling off in broken pieces, the more vigorous your regimen has to be. Meaning, say your hair is dry plus, say you do your hair, you get 20 broken pieces of hair every time you touch your hair, every time you go and style it.

Well, for someone like that, I recommend a moisture regimen that is really much more intense where I would spray with a moisturizing spray twice a day, deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner once a week, and just really being intentional about protective styling.

For someone who doesn’t experience a lot of breakage, the new regimen can be a little bit more lenient. You don’t have to be so vigilant about moisturizing it twice or three times a day. You could do it just once or whatever.

Those are two questions I really think are really important to answer before you develop a regimen so that, you can pick out one, the right products, and two, you can figure out how often you ought to be doing these things.

So, ladies, I’m sure that you all have some clues and ideas as to where to begin when it comes to a hair regimen. If you do, if you have some thoughts about that then, share it below. If you have your own personal question to ask, then head on over to Cassandre Beccai and I will definitely be sure to answer as soon as I can.

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Thank you so much for watching.