How To Make and Use an Oatmeal Rinse for Hair *Video

Watch How to Do An Oatmeal Rinse For Your Hair Here

If you’re one of my subscribers you know how much I RAVE about oatmeal rinses! It’s an EXCELLENT way to fortify your hair, close your cuticles, keep your hair moisturized and help with an itchy, dry scalp. You’ll want to read up on the details of this one so check my article out here. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to “How To Make and Use an Oatmeal Rinse for Hair *Video”

  1. Randelle R.
    at #

    What exactly is colloidal oatmeal, and how is it better than using regular oatmeal?

  2. ElleBella2011
    at #

    I have used the oatmeal rinse twice thus far. How often would you recommend using the oatmeal rinse? My hair does appreciate the rinse :-).

    • at #

      so glad to hear you like it! I would say do it as often as you please! As long as you’re still getting the results you need/want, there’s no reason you must stop. Keep enjoying!

  3. Deborah
    at #

    Do you rinse the oatmeal rinse out? In my mind there’s oatmeal in your hair. Thanks

    • at #

      Hey Deborah. No I didn’t rinse it out because it’s a rinse. The thing that causes this rinse to work so well is that the oatmeal is so tiny and it leaves an undetectable film on the hair that increases moisture retention plus leaves behind a whole bunch of other goodies. I’ve written extensively on this rinse and you can learn more about the science behind it here and here. Hope you can give it a try on day!

  4. at #

    i think its amazing how food people eat every day can also help their hair in so many different ways. like eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, honey, and milk. if i don’t have it in a product i will whip it up in my kitchen. lol

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