Dear Cass,

Maybe it’s the humidity, but there really is not a whole lot of it where I am from! Regardless, My hair texture has DRASTICALLY changed, and my hair has miraculously transformed itself into a Frizz-ball! Now because I am all dramatic, I want to grab some clippers and look like a skinhead! BUT, before, I want to ask you, is there a remedy for frizzy hair???? HELP!


Dear Frizzes-are-us,

I feel your pain!

Frizz happens for many reasons. Some of us with really porous hair (see how to test hair porosity here) will experience frizz on a higher level than others. And some us have such dry hair that our hair gravitates to any lil’ bit of moisture in the air like a desperate housewife. And sometimes frizz just happens because frizz happens.

Whatever the cause for your humidity here are a few steps to take that will help minimize and control frizzy curly, afro-textured hair.

1. Deep condition with a conditioner that is full of cationic compounds and film formers. Your hair probably desperately needs the moisture from a deep conditioning treatment and plus the cationic compounds will help your hair to lay down while the film formers (i.e. hydrolyzed proteins, polyquaterniums, silicones [don’t stone me!], some oils like almond oil and grapeseed oil) act as a barrier between your hair and the evil humidity.

2. Replace humectant rich leave in conditioners with leave in’s rich with film formers. Avoiding too many humectants like glycerin or propelyne glycol) will greatly reduce the temptation your hair has to grab hold of water molecules in the atmosphere.

3. Style your hair with products that have film formers that are less penetrable. Such products include pomades and serums. For straightened styles you may need to use products heavy with mineral oil or serums with lots of cones (as in the first ingredient). This is crucial in allowing the style to stay for longer than just a few hours.

****WARNING: silicones and mineral oil help your hair to dry out since it doesn’t allow water to penetrate your hair (they’re also really good at keeping moisture in but that’s besides the point). Wash your hair often enough and deep condition so your hair will stay moisturized!!!****

Hope that helps!

Tell me:

How have you dealt with frizzy hair days?