How to Care for Baby’s Afro *Video

Watch How to Care for Baby’s Afro

I share what I’ve been doing to jumpstart my baby’s healthy hair journey.

Products Mentioned in this Video:
Coconut oil
Johnson and Johnson’s Head to Toe Wash

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5 Responses to “How to Care for Baby’s Afro *Video”

  1. Donna
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    She is adorable. This video made my day. Thanks!!!!

  2. Randelle
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    Awww… she waved at me. Hi Eden!

  3. at #

    I wash baby’s once a week, while the hair is still damp a apply coconut oil or olive oil which ever one happens to be convenient. I also spray a mixture of olive oil or coconut oil mixed with water at least once a day. I comb through my baby’s hair at least once a day, to begin to get the child prepared for the time when hair combing will be a must. Well, this is what I do, it works for me, I hope that it will be helpful.

  4. Patrice
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    I use the same method of Johnson’s and coconut oil (Ive also used olive oil) on my 6 month old’s hair. My family and friends laugh at me because I’m so invested into my daughter’s hair and take so much time and care with it, but it has paid off. She has a head full of thick curls and ringlets with no baby bald patch in the back. I occasionally will plait her hair all over but her hair is so soft it tends to unravel within hours, but it still helps keep tangles at a minimum. In the future I’d like to find an all natural sulfate free shampoo for children to maintain her healthy tresses. I’ve also heard of baking soda to wash baby’s hair…. Has anyone experimented with that method of cleansing?

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