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Many of you ladies have been asking about my skin regime for a long time. I’ve finally recorded a video to share my secrets- the potions, the dust, the secret sauce :)

I have normal to dry skin that looks extra great in moist warm weather and struggles to hold a drop of moisture when it’s arid outside. I generally keep things super simple, natural and hydrating

Below, you’ll find the infographic I made you that has all the my regime basics.


Why do I use lemon water?

Lemons are excellent as detoxifiers. It helps to cleanse your body from the inside out,  it contains the antioxidant Vitamin C and is a natural diuretic (helps you to pee).

I’ve always felt that the key to clear skin is to have clear insides. Lemon water helps me to achieve just that at such a little cost.

You also don’t have to use a whole lemon. You can use half the lemon to make the water, or you can even cut up the lemon even smaller and add a piece to your bottled water. Just add a new piece of lemon every time you fill up the water bottle again.

I would say for results in under a month of use, drink lemon water every day. I think it will even work faster!

Why do I prefer aloe vera gel without Tetrasodium EDTA?

Tetrasodium EDTA is a known carcinogen. Granted it isn’t used in huge amounts in our skin care stuff, but get this- we use so many skin care items per day, from our body wash, to our face soap, to our lotion, to our make-up to deodorant that I’m convinced that it all adds up. We also absorbs way more of something when we put on our skin as opposed to when we eat it!

So in my opinion, if there’s something better and within my budget I’ll just go for it.

Here’s a list here of some Aloe Gel brands that are Tetrasodium EDTA free

Why do I use raw honey?

Cause it’s the! Raw honey is amazing for skin. First it has an excellent pH (about 4.5 pH range) that matches the pH of skin. Second, it’s chock full of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B, potassium and iron that are extra nourishing to your skin especially since it is absorbed through your skin. Honey is a wonderful humectant that draws moisture to skin.

But the best punch of all is that it literally soothes and heals acne,  hyperpigmentation (that’s the scar healing properties I told you about), enlarged pores, eczema and a whole host other skin issues.

Also, if you mix it with some water, it releases peroxide which will further help acne and kill bacteria on the skin.

Processed honey loses much of that good stuff and if you’re serious about nourishing your skin deeply than I say make a small investment and chose that raw honey.

Why do I mix a drop of glycerin with my morning spf moisturizer?

Glycerin is a proven effective moisturizer for skin. I have dry skin so I use it! Don’t OD with it or it can give you a tacky, sticky feeling.

Links to Products I Use


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Transcript of This Video

Some people like to be able to read a transcript while watching the videos, or just read the transcript without even listening. If you are one of those people, not to worry – We’ve made the transcript available for you below.



8 Responses to “My Skin Regimen Products”

  1. Amanda
    at #

    Have you heard about the oil cleansing method? This may be worth checking out and trying as you probably already have most of the oils and since you have dry skin. I also like the original NaPCA.

    • at #

      Yes, I have. I haven’t stuck to it for any length of time, but it might be worth it for me to try it again. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Cassandre! Just wanted to say THANK YOU for sharing your skin routine. I’ve always admired your skin when I watch your videos, so I was really excited to hear your simple (but effective) tips. Since you posted your video (and this handy infographic), I’ve upped my water intake to 2 liters or more every day for the past two weeks, and I’ve been using the aloe vera gel + honey mask about 3 times a week. My skin’s hyperpigmentation and scarring are already responding and looking better! It’s nowhere near the glowy perfection that you’ve got going, but it’s a noticeable improvement in a short period of time. I’ve been in the process of transitioning to a 100% natural skin care routine, and these elements have filled in some important holes in my routine. Thanks for being such an inspiration, and keep including your adorable baby girl in your videos! Love seeing her!

    • at #

      This comment made my day!! So happy that you’re already seeing results. I’ll do my best to keep Eden around. She spreads so much joy. Thank you again for sharing this!

  3. Claudene
    at #

    Hi, thanks for the info…..
    What would you suggest for those who suffer with large open pores?

    • at #

      You’re welcome Claudene. I would say stick to the natural regimen I provided and see and esthetician for weekly treatments.

  4. Portia
    at #

    Hey Cass! Thanks for sharing your critically-acclaimed, world-renowned skin care regimen! :D I look forward to trying it! <3

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