Watch How I Grew My Hair LONG

In this video I share some things I did to achieve my current waist length hair.

Transcript of This Video

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[spoiler] Hey ladies! This is Cass from where I teach you how to manage your Afro-textured hair. Today, I’m coming at you with a subscriber question that I get all the time. It’s, “How do I grow my hair long?”

#1: I know my hair

One of the things that has helped me to grow my hair long, first thing I have to say is that I know my hair. A lot of us, we just kind of, “Oh, I think my hair is type IV. Let me try this. Let me do this…Oh, it looks like my hair…” Forget that. Figure out your own hair!

When I say, “figure out” what I mean, “Okay, do you have fine strands? Do you have big strands? Is your hair porous? Is it not?”

These things will help you determine what products do you need to use, what kind of styles you can do if you need to use protective styling all the time, if you have to stay away from a flat iron. A lot of women don’t realize that the moment they put a flat iron to their hair, they will have significant damage and not be able to have their hair revert back because their hair is fine. There are less cuticle layers around it. So, it will not be able to take all that heat.

But anyway, that’s a totally different topic right now. What I’m saying is that knowing my hair has helped me to push forward.

#2: Use of good moisturizing products

The second thing that I think has helped me a lot with my hair is that I have a very good moisturizing product that helps me to retain moisture. Good products I think are important. I’m not saying you need to spend a million dollars. I’m saying you need to have good products– products that work for your hair, products that help your hair to retain length because your hair is a fiber that’s deteriorating day after day.

And, what good moisturizing products do is that they help your hair to be preserved. It really helps to extend the life of your hair.

#3: Using low manipulation hairstyles and techniques

The last thing I’m going to say is that well, maybe not the last thing but, the third thing I want to say that has helped me a lot with growing my hair long is that, it’s my style and technique. I’ve learned that when it comes to my hair, I love to style my hair but, when it’s time for me to… When I have a hair goal, I stop with all that daily styling and I choose one style and rock it for a while and make it work because the lower the manipulation, the better it is for me because my hair seems to retain the length, not break as easily. It doesn’t get tangled as easily.

So, that’s really, really one of the most important things, low-manipulation hairstyles for me go a very long way.

#4: I love my hair

The last thing I want to say that’s helping me grow my hair long is that, this is going to sound corny ladies but, it’s true. I love my hair. I love it. I get annoyed with it, yes. But, at the end of the day, I love my hair. My hair is beautiful and I know this because I understand that I have been fearfully and wonderfully made.

I don’t believe that God’s plan originally, in the Garden of Eden was for us to have a struggle with our hair for it to be dry all the time. I really feel that’s a product, I’m getting all spiritual here, so, if you’re not into that it’s all good. I’m not trying to offend.

I’m just saying what I believe is that even though our hairs, our bodies are not perfect like they could have been without sin that’s entered into the world a long time ago, in spite of the fact that it’s not perfect, it is a reflection of that perfection and we need to cherish it. It is a temple. It is created, it was, it is God’s special creation.

I really believe that when He made our hair, He was so excited. He is an artist. He was thinking, how can I just wow everybody in this universe. He was like, I know, I’m going to make kinky Afro coily, curly hair. And, you know what? It’s beautiful. It’s okay. It’s all right to embrace your hair. You need to embrace your hair because it’s really what’s going to help to take you as a person and your hair to the next level.

Thank you so much ladies. I really appreciate your time. Bye!